Loyalty-Based Management

Customer loyalty - this video tells the story of two companies - Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. One is thriving in today's economy while the other is struggling. They are in the same industry, but have very different philosophies for business. Find out why Southwest Airlines is a loyalty leader and how your organization can strengthen your position as a loyalty leader.


Find Out What Your Customers Really Think

To thrive in today's economy, you must consistently meet or exceed the expectations of your customers. Talking with your customers is one way to stay in touch. But for every person who gives you constructive feedback, nine others are silent. Most people will not give negative feedback in person, but they will tell you what you need to know on a confidential survey. Read More


Most Restaurants Don’t Realize They Have a Leaky Bucket

All restaurants face the same issue. Each day, new customers visit your place. Many of whom remain loyal. However, each year, some of your long-standing customers will take their business elsewhere. Read More


Helpful Research Databases

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