Using DISC to Improve Teamwork

Do any of the following statements describe your work environment?

  • "We need to do a better job communicating..."
  • "Why do our projects take longer than we expect?"
  • "I'm tired of people not getting along..."
  • "Those people in that department just don't get it..."

Using TTI's assessment tools, CalPro Research can help you get the results you want.

CalPro Research is an authorized distributor of TTI products (Target Training International). Larry Hill, founder of CalPro Research, is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. TTI's instruments include DISC, PIAV, and other instruments designed deliver breakthrough results in improving communication and teamwork.

What is DISC? DISC stands for the four behavioral types assessed. Every person has some degree of each of the four types, but the strength and relationship of these four types plays a vital role in how we behave and communicate.

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

By learning about ourselves, others, and using what we have learned to adapt, we can be more effective in our communication.


Assessment Tools: Behavioral, Attitude, and Values

TTI (Target Training International) is recognized world wide as the leader in DISC Behavioral Assessments. Please click on the links below to view PDF files about their products. CalPro Research is proud to be an authorized value-added distributor of these fine products.


Assessment instruments and reports available by request through CalPro Research:

    • Additional TTI Success Insights™ publications:
      • PIAV Version (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values)
      • Workplace Motivators™
      • Team Building Version
      • Customer Service Version
      • Work Environment Version
      • Sales Strategy Index™
      • Time P.L.U.S. Version
      • Interviewing Insights Version (Sales)
      • Interviewing Insights Version (General)
      • Communicating with Style Version
      • Family Relations (Adult Family Relations and Young Adult)
    • Career Planning Insights


Facilitation and Coaching

Today's organizations are seeking greater returns from their teams. They also want greater confidence that their organizational efforts are fully aligned with their business strategy.

Take the following quick quiz to see if facilitation and coaching from CalPro Research is for you. Are you:

  1. Ready to try new, innovative approaches to getting work done?
  2. Dissatisfied with the way projects are planned and implemented?
  3. Looking for someone to come in and be the catalyst for change in a fun and healthy manner?
  4. Anticipating an important meeting or planning session that you would like facilitated by someone who can keep the meeting flowing, alive, and still keep structure in place?
  5. Employing managers or staff members that could benefit from having a mentor?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions and would like more information, Please