Human Development

We have a network of coaches and "inner healing" teams to help you and your organization deal with the human struggles common to life. In addition to this network, we have developed a 12 week "experiential learning program" to equip you and your team in the following areas:

  • True Identity - False Identity comes from confusing roles, responsibilities and relationships in with identity. When results are less than favorable, people with a false identity often experience some form of "identity crisis." Feelings of self-protection (fight, flight, freeze, appease) rise up and cause relational harm. Freedom comes from understanding your "true identity" so that when someone gives you or your team member "bad news" then self-protection no longer needs to rise up. The benefit of each of your team members understanding their true identity is that relational peace becomes permanent.
  • Natural gifting - Your natural gifts are quite often an area that gets attacked. Through inner healing and awareness freedom is available.
  • Direction - Through our discovery process, you and each of your team members can find purpose and meaning that applies to everything you do.

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Marital Health

Human development is optimal in healthy families. Healthy families come from healthy marriages. With this in mind we have created a web site with marital resources called Thriving Marriages. The goal of this web site is to provide an online marital health index to marriage counselors and churches as well as an online resource to connect couples with resources that can strengthen marriages. Over 1000 people have taken the Thriving Marriage survey and used the self-assessment approach to provide a "catalyst for conversations" that normally might not take place. Using our guided self-assessment process, we connect couples in need to resources that can help them thrive!

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