Most Restaurants Don’t Realize They Have A Leaky Bucket

All restaurants face the same issue. Each day, new customers visit your place. Many of whom remain loyal. However, each year, some of your long-standing customers will take their business elsewhere. For example, let’s say that you gain 400 new customers in a year, and in that same year lose 325. Some leave because they moved away, but what if 250 out of the 325 left because of a disappointment or dissatisfaction with your restaurant? Regardless of their reasons, whether it was service, quality of the food, or price, the effect is the same – your business has grown by a net of only 75 new customers.

Most business owners are happy with the growth. However, there is a “leak in your bucket” that affects your bottom line; you’ve grown by 75 but needlessly lost 250. Did you know that raising customer loyalty and retention by only 5% could return an increase in profits of 35% or more? It’s true and we can prove it. It’s called the principal of patching the “leaky bucket.”

Our goal for this report is to make sure you are motivated to do three things. (Please read the white paper to learn more.)

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