About Us

CalPro Research has conducted customer feedback surveys and/or employee engagement surveys for literally hundreds of organizations since 2002. We serve a diverse set of organizations ranging from large international companies to local establishments.

We are different than many professional service firms. We are focused on your success. We are so confident in what we do that we have a money-back guarantee. (Note: To qualify for our money back guarantee, client expectations must be written and agreed to by both parties at the start of the engagement.)


To provide insightful information, training, and facilitation that leads to breakthrough results.

We accomplish this by:

  • Dedication to continual aligned small improvements that yield large, compounded productivity results over time
    • Also known as "Kaizen" which is Japanese for "continuous improvement."  Literally, it translates to "good change."
  • Serving our customers
  • Serving the community
  • Listening and ask questions to determine what you really want, and then applying our skills to help you get there
  • Seeking to glorify God in all we do by providing excellent services to our customers, resources for ministry, and "letting our light shine"


We live out our values in the marketplace. We have the highest commitment to integrity and creating value for our employees, customers, contractors, and vendors. The Ethical Practices Institute has defined Ten Commandments for today's business practices. We agree and adhere to these practices:

  • Prioritize – Highest value is the highest priority
  • Accurately Represent – The whole truth, not a distortion
  • Integrity and Civility – Do what's right and truthful with civility
  • Balance – Balance your time wisely – work, faith, personal
  • Leadership and Teamwork – Add value to all situations and people
  • Respect – Recognize each person's value
  • Self Control – Use your mind and body properly
  • Prosperity – Strive to gain on your own
  • Honesty – Be 100% honest, not 99.9%
  • Contentment – Understand your limitations