Teamwork Tune-Up

Feedback that Makes a Difference

Find out how your employees are really feeling so you can reduce their stress and focus their efforts on providing outstanding client experiences.

The CalPro Research Teamwork Tune-Up is ideal for the veterinary practice that is motivated to outperform the industry averages with their staff engagement while at the same time avoiding staff burnout and compassion fatigue.

This internal feedback program has been tailored to meet the unique needs of primary care, specialty practices and teaching hospitals. You will benefit from benchmarks, best practices, telephone coaching and white papers aimed at being the catalyst for you to take your staff to the next level of engagement and well-being. Staff engagement has been proven to be the key driver of organizational success and financial stability.


This program helps you:

  • Assess the level of employee engagement in your hospital.
  • Minimize turnover, absenteeism, and burnout.
  • Increase productivity and client service.
  • Improve inter-department communication.
  • Maximize profitability.
  • See how your employee engagement ratings compare to other veterinary practices across the country.


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