"Since beginning work with Calpro Research a couple of years ago our approach to making decisions on how we manage our clients and work with our referring veterinarians has changed completely. Making decisions based on actual feedback and data rather than our own perceptions has meant that we are now truly addressing the needs of our clients. The staff at CalPro Research are consummate professionals, taking the arduous task of collecting data and turning it into an easy, meaningful and educational experience for us. I cannot speak highly enough of the work they have done with us and we look forward to many more years of teaming up with them."
- Managing Partner, Veterinary Specialty Hospital

"I really appreciate all the rigor and industry benchmarks. It's refreshing!"
- Chief Marketing Officer of Veterinary Hospital Network

"This information is extremely helpful, clear and concise. Your reports are very helpful, and our hospital has quickly adopted the NPS as a KPI. The entire team has realized the benefit of this immediate and consistent feedback."
- Hospital Director

"We love this survey program. It has made a huge difference for us to be able to efficiently and properly address our client’s needs! The CalPro employees have been extremely kind and helpful. We have been able to provide timely data to our employees as well as time-relevant feedback. Previously, we would call clients back weeks after their experience because we did not receive the data in time and many things would fall through the cracks by not receiving the feedback instantly."
- Hospital Owner

"We use our survey responses as a learning tool with our staff on how we could have handled cases better; we also share the positive feedback with our staff as a way to recognize their great work."
- Client Services Manager

"Direct feedback to clinicians with info directly from their clients has improved communications."
- Chief Medical Officer

"The feedback has allowed us to reach out to clients who had a less than ideal experience and usually regain their trust, securing their return in the future. I think the feedback has also helped boost morale. It is helpful sharing the comments with the team. And identifying problems as well."

- Marketing Director

"We have been very responsive to any client with concerns. Your format allowed us the ability to act immediately. This has resulted in many improved client relationships which ultimately results in the best patient care possible. Our CalPro representative has been wonderful, we wouldn't change a thing!"
- Hospital Owner

"Some clients bring up concerns in their survey responses which they would not mention in person. This has allowed our team to address concerns and issues more thoroughly. We have also been able to identify patterns by reviewing our average scores and reading through survey comments which has given us a better focus on opportunities for improvement to our client's experience."
- Hospital Owner

"We love seeing clients refer to our staff by name when they're sharing their positive experiences in the surveys. We are able to better recognize and acknowledge the work of team members who go above and beyond for clients by sharing the positive feedback we receive."
- Hospital Manager