apm-logoKurt Reisig, CEO, American Pacific Mortgage

"Larry is the guy that rises above the day to day noise to help our people see the big picture and spot the key things they might be missing due to busy-ness."

vet_logoManaging Partner, Veterinary Specialty Hospital

"Since beginning work with Calpro Research a couple of years ago our approach to making decisions on how we manage our clients and work with our referring veterinarians has changed completely. Making decisions based on actual feedback and data rather than our own perceptions has meant that we are now truly addressing the needs of our clients. The staff at Calpro are consummate professionals, taking the arduous task of collecting data and turning it into an easy, meaningful and educational experience for us. I cannot speak highly enough of the work they have done with us and we look forward to many more years of teaming up with Larry and his group"

syblon_reidJim Hunt, General Manager, Syblon-Reid Construction

"For many years, we had a difficult time conducting solid, productive strategic planning meetings. After involving Larry Hill with Cal Pro Research as facilitator, the content and effectiveness of our strategic plans improved dramatically. Larry’s facilitation services coupled with strategic focused employee surveys and follow-up sessions with senior management has been key to Syblon Reid’s level of success over the past few years. Solid strategic planning has never been more important than it is today. Thank you Larry for playing a key role in our success!"

frrcKay Ruhstaller, Executive Director, 
Family Resource and Referral Center of San Joaquin County

"Larry's expertise was evident the first time we met when we invited him to help us solve a project management problem. He listened intently then conducted a survey. He came back to us with impressive recommendations – recommendations that really made sense. Larry’s combination of management experience, warm people skills and in-depth technical know-how continues to help us transform our agency into the compelling vision that we have as a team."

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Consulting Client

Identity Confidential

"Larry, this is the best day that I have had at work in a very long time. Yes, I can taste how we are changing and I appreciate what you have done to help us get to the next level. I would like to know how you have such clarity on that [name of issue deleted]. I appreciate your help there. Thank you!"

"Larry - I met with [employee name deleted] over coffee today and she has had a transformational experience after DISC training." Read more.

lwaSusan Walker, COO, Larry Walker Associates

"We love working with CalPro Research. They have conducted our Performance Review process for the last three years. The process is online, secure, and simple to use. Our staff of nearly 40 people, who are mostly engineers and scientists, have enjoyed using this approach. We get better results with less effort on our part. The CalPro team is very responsive and always open to creating the best system to meet our needs."

syblon_reidBill Koponen, HR Director, Syblon-Reid Construction

"We have had Larry Hill, of CalPro Research, facilitate our strategic planning off-site for three years in a row. To plan for the off-site, CalPro Research was able to customize an employee survey specific to our needs and strategic goals. With that customized feedback we were able to fully focus the agenda for the two-day session, maximize our strategic planning activities, and obtain the results we desired. At the off-site session, Larry's participative and positive facilitation skills helped us align strategic goals with actions. Our executive staff appreciates Larry's and CalPro's ability to provide highly productive off-site strategic planning sessions by customizing the process according to our needs."

paragaryrestgrouplogoStacy Paragary, Paragary Restaurant Group

"CalPro Research provided excellent services to us and gave us a powerful tool to gage our restaurants [...] from a customer's point of view. The reports that were given to us are easy to read and well organized. Overall, we had an excellent experience with CalPro Research and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a well developed customer survey tool."


Rosanne Pitz, Chair, 
Local Child Care Planning Council for San Joaquin County

"Larry, Thank you so much for doing the strategic planning for Local Child Care Planning Council. I have received excellent feedback from members who enjoyed this 'painless' process. Everyone was able to give input and yet get through the process quickly. They liked you and your style."

zoetis_logoKeri Weppler, Account Executive, Zoetis

"I've used Vet-Survey [by CalPro Research] to add-value to several of my clinics. The real-time client feedback helps drive improvement in work-flow efficiency and client satisfaction.."

zoetis_logoMichelle Cox, Account Executive, Zoetis

"Vet-Survey [by CalPro Research] is a great way for me to build the relationship with my clinics even when I'm not there. Additionally, it provides my customers with validation and motivation to continue to service their clients well."

biz_groupBob Dawson, Managing Director, The Business Group

"I'm very pleased that Larry Hill (of CalPro Research) helped us solve a difficult challenge. We had multiple sets of data that needed to be combined in order to do an important market analysis. We could not figure out how to bring the data together. Larry's expertise solved our problem and we used that information to generate more business."

mikunis_smDerrick Fong from Mikuni Japanese Restaurants

"Mikuni implemented Savory Survey late in 2004 at every restaurant location. We have been using it ever since! Mikuni's goal is to constantly improve the overall dining experience by asking customers for feedback and identify areas in which the restaurant should implement added employee training. We were getting informal feedback from our guests at our suburban restaurants that was not consistent with feedback from our guests at the Midtown Sacramento location. Savory Survey gives us specific feedback from our guests at all restaurant locations including the date and time of the dining experience. We can now immediately implement changes and correct internal differences between each location."

brookfields_smSam Manolakas from Brookfields Restaurants

"Savory Survey is a great tool for any restaurant that wants to continually improve customer loyalty. We heard from nearly 900 of our customers in just six months. We have continued to use Savory Survey for several years. This level of communication has taught us a great deal about our customers' likes and dislikes. We use the email alerts to fix problems quickly, directly to our customer. The direct communication impresses them and helps them return again. Our staff has found the customer feedback motivational, and we use the reports in our operations review meetings as a guide to help us better serve our customers. I highly recommend Savory Survey to any company that is looking for continual improvement."

venita_smLisa Peters from Venita Rheas

"The most beneficial aspect of Savory Survey for me personally is that I feel like I have a mystery shopper here all the time. By utilizing Savory Survey, we have an open line of communication with our customers that they can use any time they want, at their convenience.

People don't always want to talk face to face about their experience especially if it wasn't good. They think that they're causing trouble for an employee or that they may hurt someone's feelings. Savory Survey alleviates that concern for them. Even if they're shy, the can still communicate with me and there's no pressure and I'm always able to get an honest opinion of what’s going on, even when I'm not here. And that takes a huge load off of me.

Our guests have the opportunity every time they come in to give us compliments or complaints – and we get both, and that’s important!"

buonarroti_smDaniel & Kathy Alcantaro from Buonarroti Ristorante

"The main benefit of Savory Survey is that it keeps us in touch with our guests even when we can’t be here. It gives us valuable information that we can use to improve our menu as well as train and coach the servers. In the process we're building a valuable database of customers that want to hear from us and stay informed of what’s happening at Buonarroti Ristorante. CalPro Research gives us great ideas for incentives to build a strong relationship with our guests and helps us communicate with our customers so we always know what their wants and needs are."

Consulting Client

Identity confidential

"Larry - I met with [employee name deleted] over coffee today and she has had a transformational experience after DISC training. Seems that it allowed her to come back up after hitting her bottom prior to that training with issues she shared w/ you. She feels very empowered, and it shocked me! This was some powerful "stuff." Thought you would appreciate knowing!!! I think this has changed her work life. She rates satisfaction as 8 out of 10 and said she loves her job. Thanks!"

"Lar - We are in an amazingly positive place. This is what [another employee] wrote on her evaluation: "I am very, very happy & pleased with my review & my growth in the [organization]. I thank both [manager] and [CEO] for seeing my potential and allowing me the privilege to have Larry Hill as a coach who has taught me so much. [He] really showed me how to look at myself & my relationship to my manager. I feel I have grown because of this. I have [manager] and [CEO] to thank for that." This was a WOW experience! [Manager] said, "she gets it." [Employee] says her satisfaction at work is a 10 and it would have been a 6 or 7 a few months ago. Her attendance has improved, etc. [manager] has confidence that she can assign [employee] projects and that there will be the needed communication between them. I thought you should know. Also, [another employee] thanked me for providing them with you and the DISC training. She said it was really good and helpful!!!!!!! Kudos for the day!"

"Larry - The time that [manager] and I spent with you yesterday and the time he and I spent with each other when you left was pure gold. It was amazing! I would say the time spent was almost magical. Thanks for beating the drum for us to take that time and thanks for lunch. Hope your afternoon session was productive."