Find Out What Your Customers Really Think

For your business to thrive in today's economy, you must consistently meet or exceed the expectations of your customers. Talking with your customers is one way to stay in touch. However, for every person who gives you constructive feedback, nine others are silent. Most people will not give negative feedback in person, but they will tell you what you need to know on a confidential survey.


The Good News

Satisfied customers will buy again and tell a friend. Customer satisfaction surveys are an important part of your business strategy to exceed your customers' expectations. Armed with customer feedback, you can continuously improve your business in ways that you might not know about unless you conduct a survey.

CalPro Research can help you measure and increase your customer referral rate.

Why measure customer satisfaction?

  • 80% of successful new product and service ideas come from customer ideas.
  • It costs six times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one.
  • Studies show that customers tell twice as many people about a bad experience as they tell about a good one.
  • A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8 - 10 people about their problem.
  • 70% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor.
  • If you resolve a complaint on the spot 95% of complaining customers will do business with you again.
  • It's easier to get present customers to buy 10% more than to increase your customer base by 10%.
  • Firms selling services depend on existing customers for 85 - 95% of their business.
  • We Have Done the Hard Work to Make it Easy for You

Gaining customer feedback is vital if you to want stay close to your customers. When you decide to implement a customer satisfaction survey program you have three choices:

  • Do it yourself
  • Pay someone to figure it out for you
  • Find someone who has already figured it out an Affordable and Effective Program

Many companies are implementing online surveys to gather customer feedback. Our online surveys are ready for your use. We have researched:

  • The best questions to ask
  • How to get the highest participation
  • What information you will need
  • How to generate more referral business in the process


Points to Consider

Be sure the company you choose to conduct your surveys has the following:

  • A proven approach
  • Expertise in Internet based surveys
  • Produces informative reports
  • Can partner with you to build your customer loyalty improvement program

Please contact us to request program details such as sample reports, sample surveys, training documents and pricing.