Improve Employee Engagement

Teamwork Tune-Up™ is a simple and affordable way to increase your bottom-line results. Employee engagement (EE) has been proven to be the key driver of organizational success. So, making EE improvement a priority makes good business sense! Our program is designed to help you measure employee engagement and make step-by-step improvements. Read our testimonials to see how the Teamwork Tune-Up™ help some of our clients:

  • Increase bottom-line financial results
  • Identify ideas to improve productivity and employee engagement
  • Provide a continuous improvement process for leaders to follow
  • Improve communication within the organization
  • Help teams master the art of planning
  • Focus teams on implementing plans
  • Discover what employees really think


The Importance of Acting on your Employee Survey?

33% of all employees think that nothing will improve as a result of an employee survey. Often companies conduct an employee survey, then put the report on the shelf, never taking action to improve productivity and employee engagement. Employees feel like they've wasted their time If you make that mistake. We are on a mission to change that perception - it is vital to communicate an action plan!


The Teamwork Tune-Up

How it works:

1. The Teamwork Tune-Up™ uses an online survey to help organizations pinpoint areas that need transformation

    • A management report is generated to give you a baseline from which to measure improvement
    • Any number of people in your organization can take the survey (administered by CalPro Research) during a two week period of time

2. Facilitation and leadership development tailored to your needs:

    • Online training
    • Coaching sessions via telephone or in-person
    • Action planning templates and proven methods to help you get the desired results
    • Note: Travel charges apply if you are outside the greater Sacramento, CA area

3. Six-months later your organization takes the Teamwork Tune-Up™ survey again to measure the improvement


  • Obtain an accurate assessment of teamwork, communication, project planning, and daily operations
  • Receive Informative reports that pinpoint strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Change your organization with this powerful information
  • Personal coaching about how to use the information to gain tremendous value in a short period of time

Example: In one organization the Teamwork Tune-Up™ surfaced the need for better decision-making related to a specific set of projects. Certain issues needed to be addressed that team members were reluctant to talk about. To solve the project management problem, a specific information management need was identified.

Having an outsider facilitate the process kept it safe, fun, and productive. The problem was solved with simply a little teamwork and outside facilitation. CalPro Research was also able to recommend the information management tool to get the job done at a very reasonable price.


A Time-Tested Process

What do great companies such as Disneyland, Lexus, and Southwest Airlines do to keep their employees engaged? Now you can gain those same benefits for a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting!

The Teamwork Tune-Up™ from CalPro Research includes an Employee Survey, Benchmarking Report, Training, Telephone Coaching, Action Plans for each workgroup, and Accountability. One low price includes:

  • Employee engagement survey for one or more workgroups
  • Professionally prepared report
  • Benchmarking summary showing how your workgroup compares to our database
  • Recommendations in response to your survey report
  • Telephone-based coaching for each workgroup leader
  • Online learning instruction and telephone coaching creating Action Plans and Communication Plans for each workgroup
  • Two check points ensuring accountability that workgroups complete the action planning process on-time and at the right level of quality
  • Access our Online learning system for step-by-step instructions and learning modules on building high performance work teams


Northwestern University Study on Employee Engagement

Conducting and acting on an Employee Satisfaction Survey is financially important. “There is a direct link between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and improved financial performance. Human resource initiatives aimed at providing employees with the necessary skills and tools to deliver customer value cannot be viewed as costs, but rather must be regarded as investments with high and measurable returns.”
- Northwestern University study on Employee Engagement (involving over 100 organizations)



“Your facilitation services coupled with strategic focused employee surveys and follow-up sessions with senior management have been key to Syblon Reid's level of success over the past few years.”

Jim Hunt, General Manager, Syblon-Reid Construction
By improving employee engagement at this construction company they:

  • Increased client referrals
  • Improved inter-departmental communication
  • Increased innovation
  • Established a stronger strategic focus

“Your combination of management experience, warm people skills and in-depth technical know-how continues to help us transform our agency into the compelling vision that we have as a team.”

Kay Ruhstaller, Executive Director, Family Resource and Referral Center of San Joaquin County

By improving employee engagement at this non-profit they:

  • Improved process compliance
  • Increased innovation
  • Improved project management
  • Established a stronger strategic focus

"I've been looking for a program just like this! I'm so glad to have found the Teamwork Tune-Up! I've had offers from other consulting companies, but they were all too expensive and invasive. This program allows my team to go at our pace and have the confidence that we are following best practices. Also, we know who to call when we need a little outside help for facilitation, training, or coaching."

John, Owner of a manufacturing company with 35 employees

"Larry, This is the best day that I have had at work in a very long time. Yes, I can taste how we are changing and I appreciate what you have done to help us get to the next level."

CEO, Sacramento Area

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